Sunday 28 July 2013

Getting to warm so off to the river to cool down

With the weather being so nice lately and with it being so warm and to hot to go kayaking or go to far I decided that I should get my wetsuit on and go to cool down in the clear waters of the River Dane.
As well as to cool down I decided upon taking my underwater Go pro with me to film the shoals of minnows in the low clear water.
Unfortunately the fish stayed in the deeper more oxygenated water so the footage was not as clear as I wanted but it was nice to see the Minnows not bothered by the camera following them upriver.
I also used the Go pro stand weighted down with rocks to allow the fish to swim by without try to follow them with a camera pole and the photo above was with using this method. The river looks very healthy with good numbers of small fish which hopefully feed the larger fish as well as the local Otters and fish eating birds especially the stunning pairs of Kingfishers and we are lucky to have 3-4 pairs on the local rivers on my doorstep.
It was the first time wearing my wetsuit in the river and I felt cooler after a little swim while the Go pro was recording all the Minnow activity.
A few days later the river Dane was ruined when an act of destruction by a team building flood defenses down river destroyed one of the best nesting sites for Kingfishers. Crime has been reported

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