Friday 24 May 2013

Big Badger watch 2013!!!!!!!!

Hopefully very soon we are camping close to my Brock wood Badger sett for some some overnight filming at the sett as I have not seen my clan since 2012 hopefully they have a few cubs in the family now. So the plan is to film with 2 night vision cams one over the whole sett and one on some food nearby where they socialize and feed with each other.
I cannot post to much information on the big badger watch but i will be tweeting live screenshots as and when things happen. I am really excited to see my old Badger friends at the sett where I put in blood, sweat and lots of hard work into protecting and making this wood a perfect location for wildlife safe from people who don't respect it. So to wake up there will be nice and then I have a long trek home through the countryside by rivers, lakes and through woodlands in the very early quiet spring morning on Saturday.
TWITTER name is - @CWWMIKE and use #BIGBADGERWATCH to see all the tweets in one Timeline

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