Saturday 9 March 2013

North Wales coast - Break time

When we were filming on the coast of N.Wales we had many food breaks along the way and the birds that always came over for a feed were Jackdaws and Crows. I know there common every day birds but by the coast they have learn't like the gulls to feed from us humans allowing for some close-up shots and with the right background there true beauty can be shown. 
Most of the photographs were taken on the prom and others on the Great orme at Llandudno.
One day we spotted this Jackdaw with a deformed beak and it did not seem to struggle feeding. It was a very unique bird l to see for few minutes near Happy Valley just above the prom at Llandudno hopefully I will be able to find it when I return to Wales in April as it's very easy to tell the bird apart from the rest thats if the local peregrines have not had him for a snack.
 I was aiming for a Crow flight shot but was happy with this one just before it took off down the beach to grab some chips of lady he was feeding the Gulls.
 One reason I love staying on the North Wales coast is the sunsets and this is just one after a long days filming and relaxing by the sea before a long night of "trying" to film Foxes but more on that soon.
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