Sunday 9 December 2012

Winter update

Just a quick winter update today as I have not been able to get out much due to the Autumn/Winter shoot being on till February and the weather has been so bad recently. I have found myself indoors working on 2013 plans, shop and recently my top 10 wild moments of 2012 post is in the works. 
 But to keep you updated as the countryside is out of bounds due to the amount of gun shots from Pheasant shooters here is a an idea I have been working on at a friends pond who lives by a river and when the river floods the Kingfishers feed here which he tops up with Minnows and the pond  is in a quiet area at the bottom of his garden where you can sit and photograph them quite close 
up without being disturbed by idiots with guns.
 I will keep you updated with photos and videos if I can get some 
time there over the next few weeks but as its the 2 busiest weeks of the year is it possible!!!!!!

Plus a big thanks to my friend Tony for letting me turn his garden 
pond and into a wildlife studio for the winter months.

Thanks for reading



  1. Where and how does he get the minnows? From Findlay

  2. We are lucky in Middlewich that we have so many waterways from canals, rivers, lakes and ponds and they pretty much run alongside each other for miles. My friend uses a Minnow trap baited with bread and then leaves for few hours and the fish go in but can't get out. Then he put's the fish in his pond for the Kingfishers and he has quite a few from spring that laid eggs and hatched so there's a good supply for the Kingfishers it really helps them out in cold or really bad flooding on the river is happening. One of these