Thursday 29 November 2012

Ups and downs

First post for a while due to being out of sorts as I have had so many ups and downs at the lately with my bank account being emptied by fraudsters, Pro camcorder braking and being over £1,000 to repair and over £105 for getting it checked I think it's pointless because getting it fixed as that's worth more than the camcorder but it has had a good run for 2 years and with it being second hand as well I have to 
appreciate the shots it has got me. 

I now have a plan to sort that out by selling for spare parts with another working piece of kit to buy a brand new HDV tape player which allows me to play all the footage that I recorded on pro camcorder tapes and record from CCTV cameras to tape which kills 2 birds with one stone.
So that was the downs but what about the ups I hear you ask, well for one the lake and where I kayak and film is reopened so expects some nights kayaking under the stars and as the best meteor shower of the year is coming I can't wait. It's my birthday next weekend so I have booked off a long weekend from Thursday afternoon to Monday. On the Friday I am off to N.Wales with a mate and my brother for the day to get some fresh, cool air by the sea and that should give me a boost till February when the season of weeks on the North Wales coast begins a new. Plus on that same week I am finally going to complete the artificial Holt that has been delayed so many times.

After writing this post I feel much better and have realised I have more positive things going on at the minute than negative, so as Christmas is nearly here I have lots to keep me busy and fingers crossed expect some Ottery updates soon!!!

Thank you for reading



  1. Hi Mike
    Hope things turn more postive for you soon. Thank you so much for telling Findlay about the Waxwings in Northwich. Unfortunatley he is too poorly to leave the house today, so we will have to try and catch them again soon.
    Thanks again
    Heather (Findlay's mum)

  2. That's no problem I hope you get to see them.