Wednesday 11 July 2012

Kayaking with Seals

So following on from my last blog I mentioned kayaking with seals and its been one of my dreams to get close to them in the water and last week I finally got closer than I have expected. Me and my brother decided on a calm and sunny morning to take our small camera kit and kayaking gear and as I have never worn my wetsuit yet I thought it was about time to get it wet.

 After setting up at the site near where a small colony of Common and Grey Seals seemed to swim and feed in a small bay during stormy weather. 
With all the kit packed in the kayak we set off to see how they would welcome us into there world. As I have seen kayakers here before and seals around them I knew it was safe but i was still nervous to be so close to these beautiful and dare I say it cute animals. After breaking through the surf we were greeted and followed by a few seals not wanting to wreak the experince by taking to many photos I decided to enjoy watching them and take a few shots before returning to the shore. They seemed to follow behind us and then diving when we turned around to watch leaving a huge wake and water splashing all over us.
 As it clouded over the light was awful so the photos were not the best but an amazing experience that will hopefully fuel my passion for getting involved in more marine projects in the future and hopefully when I return in September I will get to kayak with them again with a few new pieces of camera kit to film my view of kayaking on the sea.
Tomorrow I will be posting about filming  at a sea bird nest site which was very tough to get to abit of kayaking then climbing then slippery rocks, what an adventure but when I go there again I am taking a helmet for protection to find out why see my next blog.

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  1. Thanks for the easy trip to a far off land. Very pretty landscape pictures as well. I look forward to your next installment.

  2. Thank you I am glad you enjoyed it, your comment means alot and keeps me motivated to write more blogs.:)