Thursday 26 July 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Sorry for the lack of blogs lately life seems to be extra busy at the moment with trying to enjoy the sun without any thoughts of going out with any kit. I decided to have a few days relaxing and living life without a camera lens for a while and lately I have cut down on the filming and photography to focus on my business and DIY tasks and I feel refreshed and my mind is more clear than ever before with some life goals decided and the paths I want to take so I feel like I can resume my normal everyday filming and blogging before the shorter days of Autumn/winter return.

Thank you for checking back and continuing to read my blog as it means so much that I can share my wildlife encounters with people from around the world.

Thank you 



  1. Oi stop talking about shorter Autumn days - we haven't had summer yet! As much as I love the Autumn the thought of shorter days and less time to be outdoors doesn't fill me with joy! It's always good to have a couple of chill days, refresh the batteries and all that, great blog!

  2. Ha ha sorry I have had my summer and most of my weeks off work plus most of this seasons filming weeks by the sea are over due to me not liking any weeks off during school holidays.

    Not back to N.Wales till September and got some projects to finish before that happens. I noticed this as well seems the I am not the only one . I am gutted its midsummer already I wanted much more time by the sea but I am looking forward to winter as its my prime Otter filming months and when my Otter holt should be in use.