Sunday 8 April 2012

A lovely Foxy encounter

After a few weeks of no real unexpected wildlife encounters on my local patch I decided we should set off to a large woodland on my local patch where I used to do alot of my Otter tracking work and I was hoping for some wild encounters in the Blue bell woodland. We saw a Kingfisher flying upriver as well as hearing a pair of Green Woodpeckers which is a first I have heard of a breeding pair on my local patch of Middlewich. I also discovered my brother Ryan who joins me on most of wildlife trips can do a pretty good impression of there call which is very handy to bring them closer.
A couple of Buzzards, Sparrow Hawks, Bank Voles and Otter signs later we set off on the 4 mile walk home down the canal a rather good outing but on the way back we got a great treat of a very confident Fox on a cycle path that joins up with the canal that leads to the town.
We spotted it wandering around a farmers field probably hunting for prey or possibly scent marking we watched as it went round the edge of the field heading back in our direction so we sat down on its trail and waited until came back and it went right next to us and wandered back into the woodland where we had come from so I know now there could be a den and cubs in the area.
My camera battery ran out luckily after the Fox returned to the countryside I am just glad I had enough power to capture a few photograph of the unexpected encounter isn't Nature great!!!!!

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  1. Especially like those beautiful Bluebell shots. I'm hoping to see them in some sun this week - oh well, no harm in hoping!

  2. Thank you I hope you get to see them, I have decided to pick 1 woodland a year and plant it out with Bluebells hopefully that will mean spring Bluebell woodlands.