Tuesday 6 March 2012

One of my photos in Cheshire life magazine!!!!

I have some great news as I received an email the other day asking if they could print one of my photographs in there magazine and I was delighted to accept so I have emailed them the full quality image but as it was taken from some footage I took in North Wales when I was filming foxes on the coast over the summer months and the photograph they have chosen is below.
He's behind ewe
The photograph of the Fox, me and a link to my site should be in the April issue and I will be posting an update if the photo is in the issue as I feel like its a great achievement and I hope it brings me some attention to my work and opens the door for more oppotunities for me.

Thank for reading



  1. Congratulations Mike.. I now know you feel my friend it's the biggest pat on the back feeling to receive...
    My family didn't get it when it happened to me.. they wanted to know if I got paid.
    Well done and let me know if it's published I will buy a copy... and will probably do a post about your success.
    Take care..

  2. Congratulations. Wonderful photograph. Behind ewe, indeed...

  3. Cheers Robert it was a well timed shot but I had to kneel in sheep poo to get it.