Wednesday 7 March 2012

Pond update - A few more plants and Frog spawn

Just a quick update on the wild pond that I have been working on lately I have added some more pond plants around the edges that will grow over the banks quickly and it has a beautiful yellow flower that attracts insects to feed, lay there eggs and does well under and above water so its a perfect plant for my wild pond. Another interesting discovery was a small amount of frog spawn in one of the corners of the pool and as we only dug the pond over the winter its great to see some there already I am just hoping no creatures decide to snack on it before they turn into tadpoles.
 A few months ago when we had snow heres what the pond looked like a big change I am sure you'll agree.
There was a few footprints around the pond from Badger, Fox, mice and Voles plus one I could not identify maybe a smaller mustelid possibly a Stoat,  Weasel or Polecat but only time will tell and maybe on one of my filming trips over the summer I may see the mammals coming to get a drink when the days become warmer and the rain fall has been low.
I have cleared a viewing area above where you can see the pond, bird box and the surrounding countryside where Foxes and Hares can be seen from and I am so excited about what this area will bring over the coming months when the plant growth of spring brings the area into life.

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