Monday 5 March 2012

A Buzzard find in a woodland valley

As I had not walked many miles this week I felt like I needed to go to one of my furthest locations which is a woodland valley and the first thing i found was the legs of a rabbit or Hare on top of a tree post lots of fur was around the area and I am guessing it is being used by a Buzzard to keep its prey still so it could rip off the pieces of meat I will be committing some time in my Guillie suit with my camera to get some shots of the Buzzards feeding and I am thinking they have a nest nearby which I am hoping to be filming at in the next few months but I still have to build a natural fence to setup behind so the Buzzards will not be disturbed.
Last year in July I managed to photograph a Buzzard that fledged from the nest but unfortionately I did not manage to film them last year but this year there on my focus list due to finding so many places I can get closer to them.
More on another find I made next time but heres a clue at what the animal that could be possibly in the woodland valley that I would not have thought I would see on my local patch.
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