Sunday 22 January 2012

Building a place for Nature-A new Pond called Brock pool

A few days ago we began building a Pond and I chose an area in the middle of an area of wasteland and as I know the areas owner I am sure they are fine with my little bit of conservation. The area is perfect as the ground is always water logged due to the mossy and clay ground so water is always alvailable and does not disapeer into the ground which takes away the need for a pond liner and as there is a slow flowing stream is nearby I am sure there is no threat of the pond drying up. 
The pond began to fill up as we dug out the soil so it looks very promising and with a little bit of help and time the pond will be great for wildlife in the area so I can't wait to finish the planned design and then begin on the area around by adding a feeding station, planting trees and all the other finishing touches to the pond then mother nature can take over plus maybe add a few fish to attract some fish eating birds that are active in the area.
Promising start
 An hour later
Then 2 hours later
There is lots more digging to do at the site and as the area is hard to get to its all manual digging with a spade rather than a digger so thats my exercise plan for the month. Once spring begins to show I am going to leave the digging and begin on the cosmetic look of the pond. This area shall be known as Brock pool in my future blog posts and I am hoping it will be a big success I have done a little drawing of what I am planning for the area so I will post that next time.
A quick note - I saw these prints on some of the dug out clay today but I am not sure what made them, any ideas are most welcome but I am thinking a member of the mustelid family.

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