Wednesday 13 July 2011

Closer to Badgers with a new food mix

After getting back from a short week's filming on the Little orme at North Wales I wanted to get down the Badgers sett to see if the Badgers were okay and if they were still active during the day the woodland seems to be changing already with ripe berries on the trees and nettles dying down and the Hazelnuts are beginning to grow and drop from the trees I know it is only July and we have a few months till Autumn begins but things are slowly changing at the Brock wood sett.
Today I grabbed a few apples from a public orchard to make a new food mix for the Badgers and I decided to add raisins and peanuts to bulk up the food and as peanuts are abit pricey these days it was good to feed the Badgers for free and as there were alot left over from the winter I thought the birds should still have enough to help them through the winter.
 I wanted to film the Badgers close up using my IPhone from one angle and my handheld camcorder from the front using the motion trigger mode and at about 5.30pm out came the individual that seems to be the first to have a snack and greet us from the sett with a few loud sniffs and when he had his fill he returned to the sett for 10 minutes and then came back for another snack.
Camcorder setup
 Zoom out
 I see you watching me watching you
Motion trigger camcorder

IPhone camera

I was rather impressed by the results from both cameras and its the closest i have been from the Badger at this sett and it was about 2 metres at the most so hopefully they are beginning to trust me but they only feed in daylight when there is a special ingredient that I haven't mentioned added to the mix to let them know there is some food on offer and that its safe to feed but I will keep that a secret just to make sure that they know that is me and not somebody who wishes to do them harm.

Thanks for reading