Sunday 1 May 2011

A new piece of kit and testing it at the Badger sett

On Thursday I received the new Bushnell XLT 2011 model and the main differences from the last model are that the camera has the features listed below 
  • Audio record
  • Field Scan with Simultaneous Live Trigger
  • Time-lapse mode takes images at pre-set intervals: 1 minute to 60 minutes
As I had not used this model before I decided to test at Brock wood and have another go at recording the Badgers and hopefully the cub or cubs that should be out playing by the sett entrance.
 So I collected this morning and I had 60 of a few Badgers including a quick appearance by a Badger cub the videos were all 1 minute long and the battery life was still above half so things are looking good with this new unit so I will test and post again on either an Otter spraint spot or at the Badger sett again for some close-up footage of the cute little cub getting up to mischief and making alot of noise.
Here's a few edited clips from the New Bushnell XLT 2011 model.

Badger captured in A/V IR mode
Bullfinch collecting Badger hair for its nest
The new Bushnell Black IR camera trap
There is also another Bushnell model coming soon with Black Ir and HD video so you do not even get a red glow and the light produced is invisible and can only be picked up by the camera trap making this one of the best camera traps this year both of which will be available from my Online shop in a week or two. I have one coming over from my supplier in the USA and I should have by next Friday in time to do some testing at Brock wood and at some Otter sprainting sights.

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