Sunday 13 February 2011

A quick update - New camera trap for Otter filming / Goose footage edit

 I received my new camera trap on Friday which is the UNIT camera and records high quality footage as well as sound so it should get better results that rival the Bushnell  XLT. I will be using to film the Otters at a secret location as I now know their routine and can guess there appearance down to 2 nights so after weeks of checking the area I can now tell the difference between a day old spraint and a few hours old spraint so I have learnt alot from tracking them now I just need to get some footage as my filming was effected this week by the damage caused by the wind and rain and most of the streams mud beds where I was tracking the Otter has been washed away and I could not track.  Hopefully It should be this week though when I finally have video footage for my wildlife series and then I can use the footage for some conservation in my local area for Otters as there are no groups for the area where I live so maybe I could start one in the future "M.O.G" The Middlewich Otter group it's got quite a ring to it don't you think.
  Over the weekend I received 2 DVDs from a gentleman called Jim who photographs and films wildlife in the Cheshire area and he sells them to raise money for his charity which helps children in Africa and he is interested in working with me in my local area to help me get some footage of the wildlife that is eluding me, at the minute its Foxes so I will have to take him up on the offer as its always good meeting a fellow wildlife lover as you never know what someone can teach you about wildlife. Nature always surprises me on how it brings people from all over the world and from all walks of life together in one common passion of appreciating the natural world around us.
Just a quick mention that I will be uploading some footage from the RC Goose test as well as a few extra slow motion shots of the Gulls that my brother Ryan has been taking photos of sometime tomorrow as long as my PC behaves itself.

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  1. Great post Mike I love reading about your experiences. Good luck with the Otters.