Wednesday 16 February 2011

Midweek update - Otter update-Back to the Badgers and Goose footage

  As I work a part time job in the mornings in the week I only have the afternoons to go out and film wildlife and everyday I have walked miles checking the Otter sprainting spots and now I have spotted a pattern of where the Otter goes and at which spot it will spraint at on the night that the Otter is in the area. I went to collect the camera today as schools breakup tomorrow and the area around where I have been trying to film Otters will be very active with people so until I return from filming at North wales I might have to leave it till then or try and get a few nights of camera trapping when I next believe the Otter to be in the area.
  No Otter on the videos but the view was great and you can hear the stream in the background as well as the odd wood mouse passing by and going up into its hole where I guess it might be having young but no sign of the Fox that was in the area the other week but I did find a hole nearby on its own but I can't decide what lives there I have posted a video below I what I captured over 2 nights without any bait. 
  Looking around the area today there was no sparint but plenty of footprints from a larger Otter maybe a male and on the canal there were some fresh signs and the spraint seemed much bigger are these signs of more than one Otter we will have to wait and see but until I have video of them I can only guess.
  I returned to the Badger sett today at Brock wood to set up my double prowler filming setup to get some footage of the group as I still have no idea how big the family is but we are at 3 at the moment on screen at one time.
I also took some straw that I bought from the pet shop as recently the area where they get bedding from has flooded and has washed away all the grass so it will be great to see them taking that down into the sett and if were lucky we may see some cubs playing around the sett entrance if they have decided to emerge yet.
Unfortionately I have been having pc issues so I have not edited RC Goose footage and I did not get very much due to having no remote aerial with me but it shows that it still needs abit of work but I will retest soon when we get a calm day on the flashes so the video will be video coming soon.


  1. You have a very interesting blog here Mike! Great capture of the Badgers.

  2. Thankyou its good to share with other nature lovers what I get upto.