Thursday 2 December 2010

Mink encounter and the mystery wader

I went back down to the river today due to all the activity yesterday and I was not disappointed as I bumped into the mystery wader that I have seen lots of times on various parts of the river and they always seem to be at the same spot as the same time of day so I think I will have to do some time my chair hide at one of the spots and hopefully get some footage in the bag of what I think maybe a sandpiper of some type down by the river looking for a safe place to feed.
After a few hours by the river I headed towards home back down river where I found myself being watch by a mink that had burst through a hole in the ice and hid under some river debris and it continued going under the ice and returning for about 10-15 minutes probably hunting for fish as this area of the river in the summer was absolutely packed with fish and I have found small eels swimming in the rockier parts of the Dane and a few White crayfish which I managed to catch in a minnow trap last year all very good for mink but even better for Otters.
I am determined to get some Otter footage before the new year and I have the weekend and a few days off work next week so 4 nights in the next week I can camera trap the river and finally with a little bit of fish bait and harsh weather maybe the local Otters will finally have no option but to reveal themselves.

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