Thursday 19 August 2010

Watching wildlife documentarys on a rainy day

 Today I finally got round to catching up on a on a few wildlife dvds and films that i have collected in the past 6 months and as the rain was pouring down it seemed like the best option.

The first was a fantastic film filmed by Stephen de Vere a professional wildlife cameraman from Oxfordshire -The film is a personal view, from behind the lens, giving an insight into what it's like being a wildlife cameraman - at the same time reminding us that you don't have to travel to all corners of the world to get close to nature.Heres a link to buy the dvd - 

The second was a documentary I found on vimeo filmed by Katherine Dixon a student from Nottingham university - The film is about Cardigan Bay and it's wildlife but mainly focused on the Bottlenose Dolphins and the sea watch foundation who observe and protect them and the area.Here's a link to watch the documentary - The Dolphins of Cardigan bay

Both are fantastic wildlife documentarys and are very inspiring they make you want to go outside and enjoy the beautiful countryside and coastline we have in the uk.

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