Monday 5 July 2010

Choughs and perigrines on the Great orme

   Today was my first day in North wales and I wanted to check out the Great orme. I arrived at 7am because there is lots of activity at this time of the year and day but it is still very quiet walker wise so its easier to film and photograph without anybody disturbing the wildlife.
     As I reached the cafe at the half way point we heard a bird call that I did not reconise but it sounded like a member of the crow family and close to the cafe on a grass verge there was a group of 6 Choughs made up of 2 adults and 4 juviniles and they were looking for grubs I got a few far shots but then a bus came past and disturbed them and I went to find them but they had disapeered so hopefully I can film them in september or summer 2011 anyway its another bird I had never seen in the flesh so I was happy.
 When I could not find the Choughs I decided to go back the way I had walked towards the pier on my way round the near the seabird cliffs we saw 2 perigrines in the air they flew fast together and locked claws and were making so much noise. we managed to get a few shots of the 2 in flight and a view of what a perigrine looks like from underneath.

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