Saturday 26 June 2010

Kayaking on the river

Today I had planned to get up early at 4am before sunrise and kayak down the river Dane as at this time of the year the river is beautiful. The water is very warm and when your on the water just going with the flow makes you feel like part of the river.  Instead of kayaking I grabbed my camera and went down the river for a relaxing walk and to see if any wildlife was around while it was quiet. I saw a Kingfisher doing abit of early morning fishing but it was to far away to get a photograph. I also heard a curlew fly over which is good news and I will post about it in August with some fantastic closeup footage of a huge group in an area where I have never filmed them before. There calls always transport my mind to the sea.
Hopefully tomorrow I will get out on my Kayak on the river Dane and maybe park up in some shallow water and finish a great book which I have been reading. It's about a wildlife cameraman called Charlie Hamilton James his wife Philippa and there children who live by a river and film all the wildlife that lives along the river I highly recommend its called Halcyon River Diaries check out the link here



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