Wednesday 9 June 2010

Camera trap night 3 of 5 results and checking out an possible otter slide

For night 3 of camera trapping week I thought that I would put the camera by a small woodland stream that comes off the river Dane. I hoped to see if anything was coming off the river to rest or entering the river via the stream but all I got was a cat. I also recorded a Buzzard and Owl calling at 11pm in the darkness of a woodland on the opposite bank. Also today I went to check out a small stream on the edge of Middlewich where otter signs have been seen in 2007. I have only just found this information so I decided to check it out. The first thing that I noticed was a few scratch marks in the clay close to a bank. The bank which leads into a small woodland and the second thing I noticed was a few bare patches of mud leading up the bank into the woodland in various places. I will place a camera trap sometime by the stream to see what I get. I found no clear signs so I could not sure of what animal was making the marks and due to the rain this week most things are getting washed away.


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