Wednesday 23 June 2010

LLandudno great orme Project gets going.

Today I finally found 2 cottages to choose from to use as base camp in 2011 when I begin filming the short documentary about wildlife on the Orme and the sea surrounding the site of special interest. The first property is called Ravens Lodge and is perfect as foxes dens are nearby they are also active at night in the garden of the property. The property also has beautiful views of the sea and countryside the cottage is right near the summit of the great Orme so it will be easy to get access to all the areas of the Orme in a short amount of time.

Here's some information I gained from the owner 
who was very helpful 

At the house / garden you will see the normal
range of birdlife (some at very close quarters as
the lounge window is at treetop height)various
tits, finches, blackbirds, thrushes, magpies,
jacjdaws, herring gull etc. nothing particularly
rare or unusual to my knowledge.

Ravens and Buzzards can often be seen flying over the house.

Foxes regularly frequent the garden and can be
seen very close up from the conservatory window
(just place a few scraps out at about 8.00 in the
evening and sit still)

Peregrines, kestrel, hobby, chough, guillemot, razorbills, puffin, little auk, fulmar,
kittiwake, cormorant, shag can all be found
around the cliffs and slopes of the Great Orme.

There are several families of foxes with dens
nearby and I have often "called" the cubs out of
their den at this time of the year in broad daylight. 
I know there is a huge variety of small flowers, orchids, and grasses to be found and a particular cotoneaster unique to the Great Orme.



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