Wednesday 2 February 2022

A slightly longer wild weekend break

With the last day of my annual leave I decided on a long weekend staying at one of my favourite air bnbs at Conwy on the North Wales coast. I arrived on a Friday night and every time I step off the bus and directly into the cottage I am instantly relaxed and can't wait for a coastal hike with plenty of unexpected wildlife encounters. We decided on a having a long walk at a new place I have never visited on Anglesey.
 The walk was from Beaumeris town to Penmon light house it was about a 5 mile walk along the coast and below I have a few photographs taken on my brothers camera I took some and he took the rest. Either way encounters or not the scenery delivered and the sun came out with blue skys and a calm breeze a winter day turned into a very springy day.

 I also wanted to find an area to wild camp for a few evenings as in the Summer as some nights a special natural event happens on this part of the coast and if I can predict when it happens it would be epic. I think I foundthe perfect spot undisturbed with a view of the beach and sea incase the event happens or doesnt I can see from a distance.

Bioluminescent Plankton

After arriving at the stony beach we found a spot to sit with the bank at our back and Puffin island and the light in view it felt very postcardy and must of been photograph a million times in the past, while taking a sneaky toilet break I spotted a very confident little bird in some sea water filled pools on some rocky edges by the sea. It seem undisturbed and seemed to just want to be feed I am always amazed when you find a bird that takes you years to see then you walk upon one like this and you get the best views and photographs you could have got.
I was so confused by how confiding this Purple Sandpiper was but after looking back at the photographs I noticed that one of its feet were nobbly with no toes so being at a disavantage its lost its fear and must keep feeding even when potential predators are around.

On the walk back we spotted a flock of Brent Geese with a few Curlew flying then grazing on local fields

Flocks of Knot and Sanderling were in good numbers as the high tide reached its peak

A Velvet scoter was also a nice surprise pushed in by the wind

Not to long till I go back as its the place I love and always surprises me epecially 
when you go to some of the quieter palces not often visited except by only a few.

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  1. What a great spot to view the birds and it does look like it would be very relaxing there.