Tuesday 25 January 2022

The ups and downs of Wild-Life...

With every cloudy winters day that passes we get closer to spring and the promise of longer warmer days are not to far away. This winter has felt so long especially with the current bird flu ripping through flocks of wild fowl locally and on the boarders with large amount of swans and geese being put down is just heart breaking.

 Once the bird flu dies out the breeding season should replenish numbers but there are many species affected by the current outbreak and some local areas seem so quiet compared to last year.

One thing I definately want to do is get more active and push my body with lots of walks in the Peaks and more wild camping with unexpected encounters with various nature would be wonderful. Below are a few photographs from a recent walk from the Cat and fiddle pub down to wildboar clough to shutlingsloe and down through Macclesfield forest. I was hoping for a Dipper on the streams flowing by the roadside but hopefully maybe in the spring or on one of my peak wild camps.

A warm cup of tea brewed at the Matterhorn of the Cheshire plains on my new gas stove

I received new kit as a Christmas presant to add to my wild camping kit included a green beach tent and I thought it was perfect for summer days lazying on the river or warm nights camping on the lake would work with it.
Just a quick mention as its the big garden bird watch coming up soon www.wirefence.co.uk is giving away 100% of there profits on Sunday 30th of January so if your an organization supporting the welfare of birds and you are in need of additional funds or more information then visit the link below.

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  1. Thanks for the photos and information. I didn't realise that the bird flu was so rampant over in your part of the world. Very sad but hopefully things improve. Its so hot here and humid that I am looking forward to some cooler days, although I have always enjoyed our summer, but this year is different here too.