Sunday, 28 March 2021

An end in sight and Nature is thriving

With the possible end of Lockdown in sight I have started cleaning up my gear buying a few new pieces of kit plus booking some much needed welsh get aways. I have purchased a few Gopros for some filming from my point of view what I see the stunning views, the sounds and the Wildlife.

On the sunnier days my exercise was in the form of Kayaking and Paddle boarding

I really want to see the countryside return to the peaceful place it once was without people stepping every where going on private land disturbing areas normally left for birds and mammals undisturbed once again. The importance of freedom and the outdoors means even more to me the earch for solitude will begin soon whether in the Peaks, down a river or on the coast and who knows I may even see this big visitor if it decides to move up the coast to Wales in the next month.

We have a couple of nests in the garden with the Robins and the Blackbirds plus I have treated myself to a few last light sessions by the Badger sett and seeing a few members of the clan come out for a sniff while the foxy neighbours trot past in there search for prey hopefully with cubs underground nearby but I would be lucky to find them before they get to big or to shy to find.

With it nearly being a year since my dad passed away of terminal cancer and coming out from what feels like a lifetime of mixed up life I'm not sure what it feels like to grive in a normal world. I think  due to not having the freedom last year I was not able to deal wih but with days improving and thought of last years events in the past I feel the breaks and wild connections I have this year will mean so much.

My dads little spot in the Peak district where I like to relax and enjoy nature while thiking of the good times with him.

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