Sunday 28 March 2021

Book review - Getting Closer Rediscovering birds through bird photography....

 The lastest lockdown read has been a wonderful book I've been enjoying while sat up under an old oak tree beside an unused railway track while Skylarks fly above with there spring calls I sit below reading about how I could photograph these flighty delights. 

The Book is called Getting Closer Rediscovering birds through bird photograph it was written by Paul Sorrell who took up photography in the early 2000s, giving him a new form of creative engagement with his longstanding interest in wildlife and the natural world. His images have featured in local, national and international wildlife photography competitions, and he has published online and print pieces for outlets ranging from airline magazines to Tourism New Zealand’s website and the School Journal.

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 I found that after reading I learned a few new ideas and techniques when photographing birds and to see that someone had written a book with the same passion as me was a wonderful feathery treat to behold. What made the book so appealing and easy to follow is the layout starting simple then going to an advancement throughout the different sections of the book. The top tips and Handy hacks dotted throughout the sections of the book really helped as sometime the smallest changes can have the biggest effect on editing a photographing and taking it. With lots of wonderful photographs taken by a master of his craft really made this book very interesting. I especially loved the many photographs of the Oystercatchersas not matter how many photographs you take of them the background adds so much to the feathered black and white suited birds with there bright orange beaks and red eye rings make them such charasmatic coastal birds. I seem to be seeing alot more in land lately and I will be trying my newly found tips from this book to capture moments of there activity on my local river.

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