Monday 10 December 2018

Trips to Anglesey not one but 2!!!

A few days ago I turned 34 and I feel more happy and confident about what I love and I still enjoy the Nature of wildlife photography but Wild camping has really got into my heart so in 2019 Anglesey will be my area of exploring plus I still have not been able to photograph a Red squirrel.
Heres one I saw but its not the best quality
 To feel the warm wet grass under my feet in the middle of November was glorious
 After visiting porth wen and Bull bay we decided to check out Point Lynas and as we had a cottage to check into later that day our best bet was to head back to the get our gear dry and ourselves showered then head there the next day.
Point lynas was a few miles walk from Almwch and having a new walking app (Footpath) on my Ipad which is one of the best I've used and seems to use less data and power to run.
The reason I was excited about visiting the view point was for the sightings of Rissos Dolphins and a species I have not seen. On the day we visited it was sunny and calm unfortionately there were none showing but we saw plenty of Gannets and Porpoises in good numbers.
 Gannet or Porpoise?
2 Porpoises but there were more around
 A lone Gannet heads inland
 The area past Point Lynas yet to be explored by myself
The light drops as we head back home
Each time I go wild camping I try to get my kit weight down and make sure I can be as comfy as possible. I have just treated myself to a few pieces of kit and at the minute I am finding the Sea to summit camping range fantastic as the gear is so light and portable. I have given up on using a tent and my new setup is a large umbrella pegged down then I climb into 2 waterproof sleeping bag covers with a fleece blanket then over the top a emergency shelter cover. I've just tested the kit on a lone trip to the coast and I must say I slept so well and as it worked in winter so in summer it should be the perfect lightweight and quick setup. The reason I love wild camping is it allows you to be out in the wild near the place where you want to be without much effort as long as you set up at last light and leave the area tidy and packup at first light then nobody will ever know your there. Enough of wild coastal camping for this year or maybe not as I have a few days at Christmas which may be wild time.
Example of my wild setup
I've started planning for next years wild camping trips as my boss has just confirmed my holidays.

Merry Christmas and stay wild


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