Tuesday 24 July 2018

A new product added to my camping gear

On the bus journey back home from Chester Zoo I decided to take a look at some new product releases to add to www.Gowildlifewatching.co.uk for next seasons or next years stock. I was happy to find out Slumit have released a new 1 man tent and as I new I had a camping weekend on the coast coming up it was guaranteed purchase for me. I already own 2 slumit cub tents as there quick to put up, large and very waterproof. One I have modified and the other is packed away ready for any unplanned outing camping by a local river.
Slumit cub 2
I received the Tent the next day which was great and a few days later I took camping and it was big enough for 2 people, smaller, lighter and even had a small storage area on the outer part of the tent.
An amazing tent with no moisture droplets on the inner tent material and after a cool night by the sea
I cannot wait to use once it rains as it has a really good water resistance plus in September if the weather is good then I'm planning a trip camping around Anglesey if not then we will be Air Bnbing around the area.

Sorry that theres not much wildlife content today but here's an image I'm working on with one of the cubs in the den entrance, I just wish the nettle had not been in the way but still I love the simplicity of the image.

Stay wild and protect Nature


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