Wednesday 27 September 2017

A day in the forest

On one of my days off, we jumped on the bus to visit Delamere forest for a few hours as the Dragonflies and other wildlife would be having their last hurrah with the warm weather we are having sporadically. As the weather was very pleasant but too hot for me I was glad to have the tree cover and having not visited Delamere for a few years it was nice to visit midday in the week rather than when there are lots of outdoors lovers around.
My first Cheshire lizard warming up by the lake where all the wildfowl were perched on the half-submerged trees.
Although still a wonderful place for wildlife and lots of deep forest to explore it seems it more for the people than nature now. I remember coming to the forest and going into the cafe and shop which sold wildlife-related products. The exciting thing was a large window in the cafe seating area where you could watch lots of birds feeding on all the bird feeders placed out with various foods to keep the birds fed but that was when winters were cold and snowy but now the feeders have gone which was a little disappointing. Hopefully, the trees that have now matured outside my desk window are perfect for bird feeders to hang on and now we have quite a large rowen berry tree so who knows maybe Waxings in the garden over the winter.

More Nature things to come from my summer adventures!!!

Thank you


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