Tuesday 27 September 2016

Gannets at Llandudno

After recovering from my 24 hour cold we were up and out relaxing in the warm late Summer sunshine. It felt like it was June not September as the weather was beautiful and even the sea was warm enough to take a dip in. 
While there I checked out a few areas where I could possibly live when it comes to move there in a few years depending on my financial situation. The main reason I want to live there is the stunning natural beauty in the area and the amount of first time encounters I have had there has just been amazing. The other good thing is the thought of a view over the sea and as North Wales is only an hour so away it would be quite easy to visit my current wildlife patch every now and then.
While walking down from the Great Orme one afternoon the tide was reaching its peak and while walking down we noticed lots of Gulls and 4-5 Gannets coming in close and diving a few meters away from the sea wall.
A Gannet just hits the water below the marine drive on the west shore side
My favorite photograph from the encounter
A lovely portrait shot I managed to get from the landscape shot above
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe


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