Thursday 15 September 2016

A Mermaids purse found on Llandudno beach

While on our late summers break on the coast of Wales we ended up having cooled down in the sea after a long coastal path walk you would have thought it was June by all the sun worshipers on the beach. As the tide came in my brother noticed a Mermaids purse or a shark/Ray egg case in the shallower water. Usually, we find them hatched or predated but the special thing about this one was that inside there was a small embryo growing inside with a small amount of liquid and it's food sack I think.
After a quick photograph we placed it back in the same place we found it and added some extra seaweed to give this precious creature a chance.
 In 2014 I found 3 Nurse sharks caught by the fisherman and thrown behind a kiosk on Llandudno pier and to see them so small and fragile in there see through protective cases just makes the killing of these sharks more sickening. Every time I visit I always check to see there are none there.
I have sent my photograph to some Shark experts to see if they can identify the species as I have tried but I'm not sure. See what you think here -

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