Sunday, 3 January 2016

A new year and a false spring in full swing

With the New year in full swing and my wildlife sketch book filling up quickly I have decided to get going with the blog again.  My focus over the Winter months changes from my summer favorites like filming, photographing wildlife and enjoying the outdoors, so from December to February I like to patrol and keep an eye on areas where wildlife is vulnerable to a few local Sport Hunters and people who like to go out commit wildlife crimes. With Spring and the longer days of spring in sight thanks to this Winters milder temperatures. I think Spring 2016 will arrive earlier than before as I have seen a few very early signs on my local patch thanks to the frost less December.
I have noticed the local Swans paring up and beginning to show nesting behavior with the female picking up reeds and placing them in a pile while the male chatters next to her as if to say it's abit early for that.
While taking and a wander through a local woodland I found that on one of the ponds the reeds and vegetation was growing quite quickly. Normally they start growing at the end of winter usually early March which coincides with the first Frog spawn of the year. I am thinking that we could see Frog spawn in the nest month or 2.
With the signs above showing an early spring my thoughts of days by the sea and in the mountains are at the though of my mind.

Thank you and stay wild

Mike Mottram

A few more drawings from the Diaries of a Cheshire wildlife watcher sketch book

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