Friday, 4 December 2015

Hunters and there twisting of information?!?!?

I can't believe it's that time of year again and it seems even warmer than last Christmas. With all this rain and the rivers rising it seems the Otters are continuing there tradition of moving to the canals to hunt. As there are less canal boat holiday makers and people walking the Tow paths the Otters have it to themselves until the hunters arrive with there packs of dogs and shot guns to kill game birds in the area which I don't think they do safely on my local patch. I read one article that these countryside fools wrote and it seems they twist the evidence to allow them to hunt certain birds like the Woodcock. Apparently Woodcocks in the UK are not doing to well therefore you think they should not be allowed to be shot until there population recovers to a healthy level, not that I believe there is any reason why they should be allowed or see any point to killing any birds.
The article clearly tried to state that if hunters keep shooting Woodcocks then the Woodcock population would not be affected?!?! which is down right stupid to me and almost foolish to think this makes any sense. So to explain it simpler if I had 100 Elephants and 10 were killed then the amount of Elephants I have left would be unaffected. If you go by the logic of the Game and Wildlife Trust then I would still have a 100 Elephants even though I clearly have 90 Elephants left. I think I have proven what I mean by some hunters and associations within the hunting field in the UK twisting information collected by the BTO and RSPB to meet there own needs and allow them to hunt whatever bird they want. 
The article is here if your interested
Well I have had my rant for today so here's my finished Golden Eagle profile. I have added my next subject which is a Short Eared Owl, I hope you like them and my other drawings, one day I hope to get them printed onto various products which you can then buy through my online shop. For now I am just enjoying drawing wildlife again and fingers crossed it won't be to long till I feel that my skills as a wildlife artist are something worth selling.
Thank you and stay wild

Mike Mottram

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