Saturday 3 October 2015

Picking up the Shag skull and a chance encounter

A few years ago I found a sea bird skull on a secluded beach, I think the skull is from a Shag and I left the skull as it still had feathers on it so I placed it under a rock so it could decompose more. I had to climb down a rocky hill using a narrow path down to a very rocky beach with no sand, I use this same area to swim with my Easybreath mask on as there is some great sea life here which I am yet to fully film due to setbacks. I am hoping to go back for a few days in July to see if I can get one more chance this summer to film underwater if the weather is warm enough.
As I already have a Cormorant skull which is a similar bird that often get confused when Identifying them. The Cormorant is slightly larger that the Shag but the beaks and skull designs are pretty much the same.
  One of the views available from my swimming spot
This Kestrel turned up to hunt for Voles in a grassy area just above my secret bay
A Shag with a view
Some photographs from different angles

One of the sunset panoramas I took on my Iphone on the top of the Little Orme
 I visited the spot again before we left North Wales as I got the opportunity to try and film underwater but I could not fully submerge myself due to some late summer visitors to the Irish sea.

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