Saturday 3 October 2015

From my doorstep to the sea

Having had a quiet end to the Summer and enjoying the last of the sunny weather without taking my camera with me. It has been nice to just observe and watch Nature as it changes to Autumn. Over the past few weeks I have dusted off my bike and started to clock up the miles and have found some great places for Foxes and Barn Owls. So far I have been using the canal tow paths and cycle paths along the roadside. I have biked from Middlewich my home town to Marbury park in Northwich where I spent a lovely few hours enjoying the sun and the open quiet space. The Nature park is about 8 miles there and 8 miles back along bumpy and muddy paths. I felt like I had achieved so much for my first long distance bike ride.
 A few photographs taken on my I-phone from my journey
After biking over 16+ miles in a few hours this got me thinking about an idea I once had as a child, the idea was that I wanted to go from my home to the sea using my own body to walk and cycle to the closest piece of coastline. I have worked out that my biking journey from my doorstep to the sea would be around 50 miles or more depending on the route I take. As I don't feel safe biking on the roads and the scenery is less than stunning I have decided to use the waterways as a way to get from my home Middlewich-Nantwich-Chester-Talacre(North Wales) and once I get to Chester there is a long coastal path suitable for biking.
Next long distance biking location
To get to the stage where I can do 50+ miles in one day I will need to clock up the miles and see if I can slowly push my body into getting used to biking for long distances. Rather than select a distance and head along the canal till I reach the selected distance I have decided to find places just off the canals where I can visit before I head back home. My next place to bike to was abit further a field as I want to increase my distance every few weeks until I can do 50 in one day so 25 miles one way and 25 back. When I do make it to Wales by bike I don't think I will be biking it back on the same as I think I will need a few days to recover.

Thanks for reading my blog
Stay wild, be happy and be safe


  1. Really enjoying your blog - lots about places I know we'll, having lived in Cheshire and visiting north Wales a lot
    Cheers Phil
    I'm going to link from mine

    1. Thank you. I am really glad you like. Sorry about the spelling and grammar but I have never been the best at it.