Friday 28 August 2015

A visit to Pensychnant Nature reserve

While staying on the North Wales coast I always like to explore Wild areas where I have never visited. On this occasion I wanted to visit a Nature reserve in the Conwy mountains, not knowing how far the reserve is from the seaside town of Conwy we set off early walking from Llandudno, so there was a fare few miles to go. I wanted to visit Pensychant as I had found out there was a few bird species there I have never seen like Spotted Flycatchers, Pied Flycatchers in a woodland not far from the main entrance gate. I only managed to see and photograph one of the 2 Flycatchers species and I took it at quite a distance I will be revisiting sometime in the future to try and find them again. While we were there we enjoyed a walk around the woodland and spotted some very active Bee hives which was nice to see as I have never seen them in a mountain setting before. To find out more about Pensychnant and how to find the reserve then you can find it on the Link here. We found a stunning small pond in one of the woodland glades located close to where there were many bird boxes unfortunately none seemed active with our target birds. As there was places in the mountain I wanted to explore we only stayed at the Woodland part of the reserve for an hour or so as another bird on my list was loudly calling nearby. I will publish the few photographs I got of the Cuckoo in my next blog post plus after we spotted the Cuckoo we ran into another bird on one of the stone walls.
 A Cuckoo was calling on our way back to Conwy
 View when leaving the reserve
A Pied flycatcher in the tree close to the hives
 A pond in a beautiful woodland glade
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