Wednesday 1 July 2015

Collecting the Buzzard skull

Earlier in the year I found a Buzzard I had been photographing had died and you can read more about it on the link here.  A few days ago I decided on going to see if the Buzzard had rotted away down to it's bones. Hopefully all the worms, maggots and other crawlies had done there job. I easily found the spot where I buried the Buzzard by the river using GPS, although grass had grown over the area I had to dig quite deep. The cotton bag had rotten away and the skull could be easily seen although it needed a clean to get the dirt and the last bits of yuk off. It was quite lucky I buried it by a river as I could easily clean with a tooth brush in some shallow fast water that flowed by the area. I covered up the rest of the bone and planted some English Bluebell bulbs to mark the spot of such a beautiful bird that gave me the privilege of getting some wonderful close ups as he hunted in a small woodland by the river Dane a few minutes away from my home.
 Below is a photograph of the cleaned up skull and now it will be put into my Nature collection on my book shelf with a few others I have found while out on my Nature walks on my local patch and I will tell more about those in future blog posts.
 I often look at the skull and imagine the heights and  sights this Buzzard reached and saw as it soared high over the towns and countryside of Cheshire as it lightly hanged on the breeze epically calling as rose higher into the clouds....

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