Friday 31 July 2015

A nest on the ground

While searching my new wildlife area my brother found a nest on the ground in long grass. We found the nest while searching for Foxes and on this visit I nearly stepped on a young Badger cub snuffling around in long grass near it's sett, once it noticed me it gave a big sniff and ran off into cover.
After abit of research I found out that the nest belonged to a _____ and hopefully over the next few weeks before I go on holiday I will get to see these eggs hatch and fledge.
Hidden in the thick grass
 6 Little eggs but will they all hatch
 The nest was well hidden in the undergrowth which got recovered with more grass when I left
As the nest is right next to a Badger sett where there are Foxes and Badgers I'm not sure whether they will make it to adulthood let alone hatch.
2 of the 3 adult Foxes I have seen in the area and hopefully there may be cubs nearby :-)
A lovely part of the river which flows under a bridge where I like to shelter when it rains when I am heading back from my new area.
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe


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