Tuesday 13 January 2015

Flash returns....

After weeks of waiting for Flash to be released from Stapely Grange wildlife hospital I was informed yesterday on Twitter that he had been released and he has a new colored leg tag/code to replace his old one. He was released at Middlewich Swannery on the canal. I told the wildlife hospital where his territory was and where he has been for 15 years but the information I gave was ignored so I was abit bemused by this. The next day he was back on his territory giving the 2 unringed Cygnets that we have named Snap and Crackle as they seem to be loving the left over cereals we give them. One of the Cygnets is his and the other from a female Swan called Whisper who lives on a nearby river who Flash spent a few months with over the Autumn. We left him chasing the Canada Geese back and forth so he must be enjoying being back on his home turf and being free. All he needs now is a mate, he should have enough time to attract a new female before they usually begin nest building in late March. Keep checking back as I will be updating his story here and hopefully editing the next part of Flashes history story on You-tube.

Until then here's a clip from the summer with Flash asking for his morning feed of Oats for him and his family.

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