Saturday 17 January 2015

Busy, busy, busy as it's Tax return time #uh

Sorry to have been very quiet for a week or two but it's the time of year when I get my Tax return in online and as it's very cold and wet out there I always leave till January for those reasons. Over the past 2 months my health has been up and down, so over most of December and January I've been inside planning future projects and videos. While backing up my business records to my archive hard drive I decided on checking out my unsorted wild photographs. I noticed a few Iphone photos I took over 2014 of an area where I like to relax by the river. The photographs show the changing of the seasons at one spot off Ravenscroft bridge which goes over the river Dane located at Middlewich.

 Due to having a mild Winter in 2013/2014 lots of vegetation survived till Spring 2014

I love being on the river in my kayak hidden by vegetation growing on the bank the river becomes much more wilder.
The leaves on the trees above the river start falling down and landing in the river as the water cools.
The river looks stunning on the Winter sunshine but it feels so lifeless at this time of year but when all the still waters around here freeze it becomes a lifeline to lots of birds and mammals as an area to feed and sleep due the to faster flowing waters of the Dane.
 There are a few Little Grebes down on the river Weelock near the Croxton Trail foot path. I've seen them since Friday diving for fish then hiding in the floating vegetation along the river edges.
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Stay wild, be happy and be safe

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