Tuesday 9 December 2014

Christmas time updates

Once I returned from holiday I planned a few extra days off for my Birthday and to spend few days on my local patch on a few new projects. One project included setting up a new feeding station near some ponds to see what birds show up and while putting up the bird table in yesterdays stormy weather. We had one unexpected sighting which was 2 Peregrines on some nearby power cables and one was mobbing the other and calling loudly. Whether one had a meal and the other wanted some I am not sure but it was great to see rarely seen bird on my local especially near my new feeding station. Hopefully the feeding station will attract more birds the colder it gets and I think it may take a few days till they find my feeders and table.
I have also been keeping any eye on the rivers and my local Otters. I can now say I have a place where I will be filming with my HD CCTV camera setup over the next few weekends with my hide at night as there seem to be fresh prints nightly. I will be wrapping up warm and taking lots of things to keep me entertained while I wait for my first night encounter with my most elusive subject ever. Years ago I never thought the possibility of filming an Otter let alone seeing one on my local patch was possible but hopefully with abit of Christmas magic and my months of research finally pay off.
My first encounter by a collapsed part of river bank a few years ago
Fresh prints
Many things more to say and post but my time as run out today as I need a nice warm bath after a day of moving lots of cut trees to build a new barricade to keep hunters away from certain areas where I know wildlife resides and I will be building some log piles for reptiles and bugs in the same area.

So stay wild, be happy and be safe


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