Saturday 2 August 2014

Well worth the 9 buses there and back

After finding the nets and making sure they were removed I popped over to the Gt Orme and saw 2 Peregrines mobbing gulls and they looked like youngsters learning the art of there high speed flight. After a quick look around I returned to the Little Orme to look for Dolphins from the cliffs but I did not spot any as the sea was rough. Once the sun set I setup my tent to get a few hours sleep in the hopes to get up early and have another check of the area where I found the nets.
The view of the seaside towns that really look stunning once the darkness creeps in and all the lights come on
 The view from my tent
I found the net on Friday afternoon and it was removed then and I checked 
 to see if it was put back early on Saturday morning and was greeted with a beautiful sunrise and no net :-)

On Saturday morning at 5.30am I headed out but as I was knackered from a couple of hours sleep due to the Sea birds being very noisy. As the sun came up my energy levels were boosted and as I had 30 minutes till my bus arrived I had time to enjoy the sunrise as I slowly walked along the promenade to the bus stop.
Overall it was a short pleasant trip to North Wales and on the buses back home I could barely keep my eyes open but luckily I managed to stay awake till I got home without missing any of my stops.

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