Saturday 26 July 2014

Quick visit to the Sea bird cliffs

Like most years on my June trip to North Wales I always make time to visit the sea bird cliffs to see how they compare to last year and after walking through waist deep water to get there it was nice to see that there were quite a few sea birds this year. There were no chicks yet and this time last year there were chicks in most nests and I am thinking some of the other bird life maybe taking a few eggs from this area of nesting birds as we found evidence up on the tops of the cliffs. I shall post in the future about what maybe having an effect on the nesting sea birds in the next few weeks.
Being watched from one of the large boulders below the cliffs
 A lone Shag nested in the middle of the Kittiwake colony
 Nearly got one of the closest Kittiwake shots here but I just missed the tail maybe next year I will succeed on getting the shot
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