Monday 14 July 2014

Holy Moley believe it not

A few weeks ago while enjoying a long walk through my local countryside and as it was very hot we decided on having a rest and some food under the shade of an old Oak to escape the sun.We had a nice view of some farmland so we could keep an eye out for passing wildlife but we needn't have looked to far as further up the bank a Mole hill began to move so I quickly grabbed my camera and took a photograph of the Mole that stuck out it's head to grab a grub of some kind that it must have been hunting under the ground. I have seen Mole hills moving before but never been in the perfect position to get a photograph as they quickly sense vibrations if you move towards there hills but as we were stationary the Mole went about it's business and ate the grub then disappeared back down it's hole.
I decided to share on Twitter straight away as I was so excited to have got such an unexpected shot but I was met with a comment I never expected to get. The comment I got was "wow very lucky most shots like this are staged with dead moles" and from somebody whose work I really respect although not an accusation it got me thinking does it bother me if anyone doubts my credibility as a wildlife photographer. I came to the conclusion that I'm not concerned about how people think I took a photo as long as I know what I'm saying is the truth and I got a cool 30s encounter with such an unseen mammal. Some people may doubt the photograph is of a live mole but the encounter for me means more than the photograph and if that's not the case then what's the point in photographing wildlife.

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