Tuesday 20 May 2014

Cygnets at last!!!!!! Congrats to Flash and Snow

At the end of last week we finally spotted my Local Swans Flash & Snow with there 8 Cygnets and I was pleased to see success for them at last. Last year tragedy struck when the Cygnets died due to heavy rain and threats from predators.
 On the first day of seeing them they were feeding on the lake mainly on the reeds that the adults pull out for them and over the next few weeks they will be showing the cygnets what to eat where to find food. It was a joy to see Flash and Snow being parents as this is there 2nd year of breeding I thought they would succeed after spending a whole year together from Spring to Winter.
The day after the family were feeding nearer to land so I managed to lie down and get a few low shots of the Cygnets.
A fantastic start for Flash and Snow and I will be keeping an eye on the family making sure they stay together and keeping an eye out for human threats over the next few weeks while there small and vulnerable. From previous years I know the adults always return the cygnets back to the nest at sunset to sleep. So a few days ago I managed to kayak at sunrise to there nest to get a few shots of them leaving the nest for a days feeding on the canal and river. I shall post my photographs and findings in tomorrows blog as I got some lovely shots of the family while hidden away from the rest of the world in there reed bed hideaway.

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A little preview from a relaxing few hours with the Swans...

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