Thursday, 2 January 2014

So long to Lady Margaret my boat

On the 1st of October I became the owner of Lady Margaret a17ft Canal cruiser to see if a few of wildlife filming ideas would work and at first it was joy to own. The boat was perfect but unfortunately other people ruined it for me from Petrol being stolen to the boat to ropes being untied I found myself checking the boat 3-4 times a day to make sure it was okay. So enough was enough and on Sunday I sold Lady Margaret and now I feel free and have more time for the thing I love Wildlife and the Outdoors. I enjoyed having and spending nights on the boat in the pitch black countryside with clear skies and stars above but with the colder weather coming in I had less of an incentive in using the boat due to the canal freezing over and moving the boat in these conditions can really damage a boat.

After living by the canal for so long and wanting to own a boat it was something that I needed to do, so it's a goal achieved and it has shown me if you really focus and work hard you can have the things you want.

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