Wednesday, 1 January 2014

2014 and the 14 Wild projects and encounters I would like

Happy new year and all that and as its the 1st day of 2014 I have decided to post 14 wildlife projects and encounters I would like over the year. As my efforts in 2013 really did not get me anywhere my 2013 task list was not completed in full. I had many great moments in 2013 that I had never even expected so with that thought in mind I thought I would relax this year and if I complete then that's great but if I don't succeed then at least I tried so below I have posted my 14 wild challenges for 2014.

1- Film coastal Badgers
2- Tree hide build
3- Photograph a Cheshire Polecat
4- Sleep at my secret hide
5- Photograph a Kingfisher diving on my local canal
6- Film/photograph Foxes on a seaside prom
7- Tawny Owl nest film
8- Otters film on local patch
9- Swim with Seals in the North Wales coast
10- Kayak with Dolphins/Porpoises
11- Create my own wildlife product
12- Start a Wildlife photography work shop service
13- Film Grebe or Mute Swans eggs hatching
14- As much Wild fun as possible :-)
Some tough but interesting tasks there and more information in upcoming blogs.


PS. As some of you may know I bought a boat a few months ago but sadly I had to sell and I will post why next time.

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