Tuesday 20 September 2011

Rain rain and more rain plus 2 new areas for filming

 The last few days have been very wet so we decided on spending some time at the glade hide filming the Tits and a new bird that I have never spotted at the Glade hide until today and it landed on my camera trap before posing above one of the fat balls which I managed to film.
The amount of birds seemed to be increasing on the feeders and as snow is forecast for October I better get the hide finished adding the sides and securing the main poles and due to water building up on the roof I need to replace the roof pole ASAP so that's my jobs sorted for tomorrow afternoon and not forgetting the bench I need to build due to having to stand up while waiting for the wildlife to show up.
Once the rain stopped we began exploring a few areas on my local patch and found a new Badger sett at the bottom of a field that is perfect for filming Badgers as its in a slightly different habitat than the Brock wood sett and I am hoping that this is a slightly bigger group as there is alot of holes and signs of activity. Also in the same area I think there maybe Barn Owls, Foxes, Polecats and Water voles but only time will tell.
I will post some photos of the area and if the weathers decent I will be doing some filming down there over the weekend to see whats around.

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  1. Lovely captures Mike... Haydn's Pool is a disaster area at the moment...almost entirely dried up... a sorry sight.

  2. Thankyou Andrew, It looks very dry it will return to normal levels it just needs a few weeks of rain.