Tuesday 26 June 2012

Change of topic-Oystercatcher renest in an urban area

A quick change from Stoats to Oystercatchers for this blog as I cannot upload any HDV footage from my camcorder as I have lost the software that goes with my RCA to PC cable so until a the software comes I cannot edit or upload anything in tape format so until then I will blog about my findings that I have digital footage of which is easier to edit and maintain quality of the footage without to much work.
Below is a few screen shots of the nest near to the sea but on the edge of a seaside town on car park surrounded by busy roads and this is the 2nd year in a row where I have filmed them.
Here's what I filmed last year with 3 eggs and I think they hacthed but I had to leave before the chick left the nest to face all the dangers.
But this year there was one egg and I wanted to film the dangers they face like sea gulls trying to get the eggs, dog walkers, foxes and the main danger which is youths up to no good and without knowing it they could have been stepped on or destroyed on purpose so I angled the camera over to where we sat and today we specifically wore hoodies to show the adults reactions  if youths were present in the area and we only filmed this once to film the reaction and the adults alarm called and returned to brick walls around the car park edge to watch from a safe location until I sat back down which let them return to the nest to incubate.

 Night-vision kicked in to show how the birds look on the nest once the sun goes down and the Oystercatchers get alot more nervous due to the prowling foxes and also cats from the town that patrol the streets looking for an easy meal.
The Oystercatcher leaves to feed as the tide goes out and swaps with the other adult.
This years footage to show how the birds deal with people in an urban environment
I will see if I can film the young birds next week if they have survived but hopefully as they have nested here again its the same experienced pair that managed to be successful last year.

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  1. Lovely pictures and awesome photography.

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  2. Thank you it was a great experience watching this par I just wished I lived in the area so I could film them and everything else everyday.