Thursday 21 November 2013

Wildlife footage archives looking for inspiration

With the weather being wet and windy today I felt I needed some inspiration and as I would not be able to find it outdoors I decided on picking an unmarked tape from my wildlife filming archives. It turned out I had picked out a good one and with footage on that I had totally forgot about and the footage was of Dipper's on a small river at Dyserth in the area of North Wales.
Below is a few screen grabs:
Not the best shot but one of the closest shots I could get
Camera setup for filming the Dippers on the perch
Male and female taking turns to go to the nest
About to fly into the nest hole
Dipper outside the nest
The Dipper watches from above as I film from my hide opposite the nest site.
Dipper on a nearby gate post
 Test footage of a Dipper watching a Fox pass by the nest site

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